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I have always been moved to express my ideas that are motivated by a positive emotion, a feeling of anxiety and dissatisfaction with the status quo. Such feelings deep in my heart power my drive towards artistic creation. Books help me explore and establish the image in my mind. My painting is often said to be free, bold, and creative. It is because my paintings are the expression of my sensitivity, following my own instincts. It is an attempt to pour such feelings into an image. I have always endeavoured to express emotions and insights in my own ways. Born in 1948. I learned art in London. After many solo exhibitions in Tokyo, I started exhibiting my artworks in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France since 2016.

Resent works

oil on canvas 80.3 x 53 cm
oil on canvas 80.3 x 53 cm

oil on canvas 80.3 x 53 cm each

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