FACES Go Beyond Self 


At first glance, these faces may seem simple and straightforward, eliminating excess characteristics to only feature their essence. 



This FACE I on a large canvas was revealed when I was depressed to deal with insignificant day-to-day problems and lost my composure.

I wish I were a highly broad minded and a generous soul to overcome such trivial issues. This face goes beyond who I am. It depicts an inner sensation of calm and is a vision what I desire to be.  It reflects my mental status, along with considerable feelings for what I desire to be.



This picture was revealed when I overcame the issues I faced and resolved my problematic feelings. This face characterizes softness and calmness, reflecting my views.



This face is simple and honest, but it encompasses a diverse aspect. Although it possesses huge potential, it looks a bit uneasy in the face of the unknown challenges ahead. 



This black figure depicts a sight of an individual’s back; thus denoting that we leave a legacy to pass down to our next generations. 

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